Sally Rides SINGLE

sally rides single

Dumped for a woman half her age, Sally is through with commitment, but not with the bedroom rodeo – far from it. When she’s not clawing her way up the corporate ladder at SouthEast Atlantic, she’s on the hunt for men interested in relations – without the relationship. Unfortunately, Sally’s first attempt at “just sex” lands her in the arms of a man searching for that special someone. 

His name is Bill Pruitt and he’s well known at SouthEast Atlantic – that monumental misstep with his administrative assistant almost ended his career. But despite his dubious reputation, Bill’s gentlemanly charm, good looks, and undeniable skills in the sack, make it impossible for Sally to say no to just one more round of chesterfield rugby – his feelings for her be damned.

Smart, funny, and super-charged with smokin’ hot sex. It’s a love story that will leave you laughing and ready to ride again with Sally in Book 2 – Sally Rides Double.

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