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This fan mail from Spurt Reynolds is a perfect example of well-intended flattery gone awry. Before sending a message, especially when that message contains subject matter of a sensitive nature, it’s vitally important to think before you write and rewrite before you send. See if you can spot how Spurt slipped up.

Richard Head thought he’d try out some dirty talk on the woman of his dreams, but her response was less than encouraging. Dirty talk is an art form, not a free for all. In my email response, I set Richard straight with four simple guidelines that you too may find useful.

Men don’t always care about a woman’s age, unless procreation is desired, and many men actively seek out cougars, jaguars, panthers, and even pussycats. I explain the challenges of such an arrangement to a follower named Big Cat Obsession, and offer a creative workaround that you may want to consider as well.