Bridget doone

I’m a fiction author living and working on the Space Coast of Florida. For much of my life, I’ve been a network engineer, technical writer, and corporate trainer, but as of late, I’ve been indulging my wanton imagination, writing erotica for a group of people largely abandoned by the genre – horny folks over 50.

I’ve published two erotic offerings: Sally Rides Single, and Erotica for the Refined Palate, Volume 1. Click Books to learn more about them. I’ve also written two very explicit short stories, in case you need a 15-minute jumpstart in the morning, and I continue to respond to reader fan mail in my Dear Bridget forum. I also publish a newsletter, which you can read here, or have delivered to your email box if you subscribe.

And if you’re too tired to read my erotica, or just want your hands free, I’ll read it to you on TikTok and YouTube.

Connect with me.

YouTube: @BridgetDoone
Twitter: @BridgetDoone
Instagram: @bridgetdoone